Understanding What Remedies Work For Hair Loss And Others That Do Not

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If you are like most people, you assume that hair loss only has to do with men. However, women, after 50, can lose their hair too. Many advances have been made in regard to stopping hair loss, something that both genders must sometimes endure. Granted, some methods are purely cosmetic in that they do not provide a permanent solution.

Still, if a person is bothered enough about it and has the money, then hair transplantation treatment is available. You simply need to do something and move forward in a positive way.

Medical professionals will more than likely tell you hair loss cannot be caused by your diet. Healthy hair needs adequate amounts of biotin, iron, and zinc for instance. But the lack of those nutrients will likely not be the cause for thinning hair. Malnutrition and starvation cases, especially over the last 60 to 70 years, have been well documented by many scientists. The many pictures that have been taken of those without food have not had their hair affected due to their condition. You need to get as many facts about hair loss as possible, and be sure you are getting information from a trusted source.

Not too long ago, there was a completely different attitude toward bald men, something that has changed dramatically as of late. Most men that go bald today will shave their heads completely.

This look is completely accepted in society and even has its own appeal in many ways. Prior to this general acceptance, a bald man was not perceived in a positive way, something that has changed dramatically. Some men will refuse to shave their heads, something that many choose to do despite how accepted the bald appearance is. Treatments for balding still exist and are available for generally anyone that is willing to give one of them a shot and see what happens.

hair loss and the causes of itHair loss in men that appears to follow a pattern baldness appearance is almost always genetic in origin. Men that have male pattern baldness tend to gravitate toward the belief that their father’s side of the family gave this to them It is actually the mother’s side of the family that delivers this particular gene. This gene comes from what are called sex linked genes, specifically from the X or Y chromosomes in your body. The gene in question is on the X chromosome and is a recessive rather than dominant gene. The reason that this recessive gene, the X Chromosome, becomes prominent is because men only get one from their mother and it is therefore expressed. Hair transplantation and the clinics that do these procedures are actually able to help you with your hair loss. The execution of this procedure years ago was not very good which is why it has taken this long to be considered a procedure worth recommending. The result was the appearance of large and very noticeable clumps of hair that did not look normal. Modern technology has made it possible for this procedure to happen and not be noticeable once it is done. Once it is completed, this expensive procedure will leave you smiling because your head of hair will look full and complete.