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Although men are usually associated with the topic of hair loss, women over 50 can lose their hair just as easily. Both genders can lose their hair, and therefore advances in treatment solutions have been a primary focus. Some methods have been discovered, yet most of them are cosmetic and none of them are really permanent.

Still, if a person is bothered enough about it and has the money, then hair transplantation treatment is available. So taking positive action and doing something is the key thing to do.

People of either gender may start to lose their hair, and if they do, they should seek medical help as soon as they can. You will notice greater than usual amounts of hair around the drain after shampooing your hair. Iron deficiencies, along with potential thyroid problems, may be the catalyst for your hair loss. Then there are some conditions in women that cause estrogen levels to decrease and unrelated to menopause.

This is not to say that menopause, which can cause lower estrogen levels, will not cause your hair to fall out. If you are a woman that experiences rapid loss of hair, a doctor visit should be your first priority. Just set an appointment and find out if you are healthy or not. This is the best thing you can do in such situations. If your hair begins to fall out in patches, don’t worry! Most of the time this situation rectified itself. Chronic exposure to stress has been known to cause hair to fall out in such a manner. At one time, I actually knew someone that had this particular problem. Patches of hair actually fell out of his head! Hair loss that is unusual like this can actually occur if the circumstances are correct. Once this person removed the stress from their life, their hair began to regrow where it had once been. While this was going on, my friend had absolutely no idea why his hair was falling out until it was all over. By just taking a few moments to look at your life from a third person perspective, you will be able to understand why certain things happen.

hair loss and the causes of itIf you have hair loss, and you would like to cosmetically cover it up, there are many ways you can do this. Around for many years, these techniques do work for those that try them. By weaving a certain type of netting into the hair, you can give your hair the appearance of fullness by doing this simple weave. In fact, there has been a very long-running late night infomercial for this procedure. Of course there is maintenance involved with this, but the results look pretty stunning. Some people may only have hair on the side of their head left, which is more than enough to get the weave to work.

Going bald is never fun! But before you try a treatment to solve this problem, ask your doctor why this is specifically happening to you. If you are noticing your hair is getting thinner, then start learning as much as you can.

People that suddenly go bald might actually lose their hair because of a medical condition and not something genetic. And as usual, learn as much as you can about your condition before doing any type of treatment.