Hair Loss Is Troubling For A Lot Of Individuals

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Natural remedy for hair lossWhile it’s true that people lose hair, hair does grow back. For most of us, we lose about a hundred strands of hair on a regular basis. An average hair growth cycle will last between two to six years with hair falling out and re-growing every twelve weeks. There individuals who will start losing more hair than other individuals while the hair does not re-grow. This is becoming quite typical for lots of people today.

Many of these men and women are not even aware that they are losing some of their hair, until it is pointed out to them by those around them. If you are one of those folks who are susceptible to loss of hair, or you are already losing your hair, you will need to know what types of hair loss there are. Pattern baldness is called androgenetic alopecia, and it is experienced by both women and men. Indicated by slower growth of hair and weakened hair strands, pattern baldness is inherited. A person’s age and family history are factors in how quickly someone loses their hair.

Cicatricial alopecia or scarring alopecia is yet another permanent type of hair loss which is a result of inflammation. Inflammation damages the hair follicles, resulting in scars, which prevent new hair from developing. The reason for inflammation in the scalp remains a mystery although a few skin disorders like lichen planus and lupus erythematosus can cause scarring alopecia. There is another type of hair loss known as alopecia areata which is also considered an autoimmune condition. The cause of the condition is not known, but it still is part of this category. People who suffer from alopecia areata are generally healthy but it may be because of something like a thyroid condition. It could also be genes or some virus that comes to the people when they spend a long time in an environment.

hair loss and the causes of itThere is another type, telogen effluvium, that comes about because something causes a change in the regular hair cycle. A shock to the system, which may be physical or psychological, might be the cause of hair growth being ended too soon. Usually this is brought on by traumatic factors, like death or other unpleasant events, which lead people into despair. Problems with metabolism, rapid weight gain or loss or other physiologic stressors could also trigger abrupt hair loss.

Right now there is a hair loss that is becoming popular, and it is known as traction alopecia. Too much hairstyling will put a large amount of pressure on the scalp, and that’s what is contributing to this type of hair loss. The roots of the hair become weakened as a result of all of the pulling, and as a result healthy hair cannot to grow.