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Men do lose their hair and women due too. By the age of 50, some women will actually start losing hair quite rapidly. There have been many advances toward the treatment of hair loss in both genders over the last few years. Purely cosmetic in nature, most solutions do not offer a permanent remedy for this particular problem.

You can get a hair transplantation treatment, yet it will cost a significant amount of money that most people do not have. You simply need to do something and move forward in a positive way.

Males and females should both visit their family physician if their hair begins to fall out for seemingly no reason. You will notice this primarily in the drain, especially after shampooing your hair in the shower. Thyroid issues, along with iron deficiency, may contribute to the hair loss you are experiencing. Many women may have, at some point in their life, low estrogen levels, not related to menopause, that may cause this to occur.

This is not to say that menopause, which can cause lower estrogen levels, will not cause your hair to fall out. Females should seek medical attention for hair loss that is sudden, whereas a man does not have to worry as much. It is better to make sure that all is healthy and also just to find out why it is happening. If your hair begins to fall out in patches, don’t worry! Most of the time this situation rectified itself. If you have a lot of stress in your life, particularly at your job, this can cause this to happen. At one time, I actually knew someone that had this particular problem. Patches of hair actually fell out of his head! Depending upon the situation, the strangest things can cause hair to fall out like this. That person removed himself from the situation that was causing the hair loss and the hair grew back. At the time, this person had no idea that the stress in his life was causing his hair to fall out. So, the lesson with that is to look at your entire life situation and gather as many clues as possible.

hair loss and the causes of itFortunately, research has helped to clear up many of these urban type legends and has provided us with more truth and accuracy. For example, many people believed that the simple acts of shampooing or brushing hair could contribute to thinning hair. Tales like this have proven to be incorrect. To keep your hair healthy and clean, as well as your scalp, consistent washing must be done.

Another one is taking “hair vitamins” to prevent male pattern baldness from occurring. Although supplements, such as vitamins, are good for your body, there is no legitimate proof that has ever shown male pattern baldness can be affected in any way.

Some people become very depressed when they start to lose their hair; it can affect them psychologically their entire life. Both men and women will feel inadequate in the areas of masculinity and femininity, respectively, when hair loss starts to occur. Hair loss is big business! In fact, people will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on products that promise to bring their hair back to the way it was. So if you are experiencing this condition, then find out why it is happening and then do something about it.