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The important point to keep in mind about hair loss is there are many possible reasons for it. The causes of hair loss are many; in fact, you need to do a little research to find out why it actually happens. So, if you are experiencing hair loss, then hopefully that will give you hope and confidence. Hair loss does not have to be so unsightly; in fact, there is several ways that you can make it look better than it actually is. If your condition is genetic and irreversible, don’t lose hope! There is always something that can be done. The outcome that you will call your own is actually what you really want it to be.

People of either gender may start to lose their hair, and if they do, they should seek medical help as soon as they can. It will be obvious that something is not right if you see too much hair in the drain after you shampoo. Iron deficiencies, along with potential thyroid problems, may be the catalyst for your hair loss. Then there are some conditions in women that cause estrogen levels to decrease and unrelated to menopause.

Your hair may fall out due to low estrogen levels and menopause; you need to verify what is going on with your physician. Females should seek medical attention for hair loss that is sudden, whereas a man does not have to worry as much. Just set an appointment and find out if you are healthy or not. This is the best thing you can do in such situations. Sometimes, hair can actually fallout in patches. Usually this only lasts for a short while. Studies have shown that chronic stress can lead to hair fall out in this particular way. A guy I knew not too long ago had patches of hair fall out due to the stress he experienced in his life. What that means is there are some unusual situations in which hair loss will occur. By removing their stress, this person’s hair grew back in just a few short weeks. At the time, this person had no idea that the stress in his life was causing his hair to fall out. Once you take a moment to look at your life, you’ll understand why certain things occur.

hair loss and the causes of itMen typically lose their hair in a particular pattern due to a genetic predisposition to balding. When considering where the predisposition to baldness comes from, most people assume that it comes from the father’s side. Unfortunately, men that have this particular gene got it from their moms. This gene comes from what are called sex linked genes, specifically from the X or Y chromosomes in your body. The gene in question is on the X chromosome and is a recessive rather than dominant gene. It is the expression of the X Chromosome, that recessive gene that we receive from our mother’s side, that causes the male pattern baldness to manifest.

Hair loss can be very frustrating and embarrassing, often producing real psychological anguish. Both men and women will feel inadequate in the areas of masculinity and femininity, respectively, when hair loss starts to occur. People that have hair loss represent a multibillion dollar industry, made up of people that want to have their hair back on their head. After you figure out why you are losing your hair, find out what you need to do to stop it from getting any worse.