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If you are like most people, you assume that hair loss only has to do with men. However, women, after 50, can lose their hair too. Many advances have been made in regard to stopping hair loss, something that both genders must sometimes endure. There are very few permanent solutions to this problem, many that are cosmetic and temporary to boot.

You can get a hair transplantation treatment, yet it will cost a significant amount of money that most people do not have. You need to do something about this, and have a positive attitude as you search for a remedy.

Medical professionals will more than likely tell you hair loss cannot be caused by your diet. Your diet, however, is where you will get zinc, iron, and biotin which your hair needs to grow. Even if you do not have these nutrients in your diet, it probably did not cause your hair loss. Malnutrition and starvation cases, especially over the last 60 to 70 years, have been well documented by many scientists. These pictures reveal people that are starving, but their hair is unaffected. So when you are looking for information on hair loss, get it from a trusted source if you can.

With most men, hair loss is typically caused by a particular type of testosterone in their body. The abundance of testosterone within your system can actually affect your scalp adversely causing hair loss to occur. The follicle itself will be degraded to some degree through its interaction with the testosterone in your bloodstream. The important thing that matters is those follicles will no longer be able to grow hair. Some products are said to counter the effects of this hormone, some of which are available from your doctor. If you are thinking about trying them, then we would warn you against it and urge you to talk to your doctor.

hair loss and the causes of itFor people that are already balding, you may want to cosmetically cover certain areas of your head that do not have hair. The strategies can actually do the job and have quite a track record. For instance, there is a procedure that uses a type of netting that is woven into the hair to attach the netting with hair to the head. Infomercials have been running for many years showing this particular procedure. Of course there is maintenance involved with this, but the results look pretty stunning. Even if you only have a little bit of hair left on the sides of your head, you can still use a weave in such a situation. Hair transplantation procedures are one of the latest most reliable forms of hair loss treatment available. Although this treatment has worked for decades, when it first started, it was done in a very poor manner. The early renditions of this procedure left your scalp with noticeable clumps of hair that did not look natural at all. Now, due to modern technology and medical advancements, you cannot tell if this procedure has actually occurred. If you can afford it, you will definitely be happy with this procedure as you will have a normal looking head of hair once you are done.