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People usually associate hair loss with men, but about half of women will experience it by the time they are age fifty. Many advances have been made in regard to stopping hair loss, something that both genders must sometimes endure. Purely cosmetic in nature, most solutions do not offer a permanent remedy for this particular problem.

Still, if a person is bothered enough about it and has the money, then hair transplantation treatment is available. Positive action is absolutely necessary, and really the key to finding the solution.

Identifying the cause of hair loss, and wondering why it occurred to some people and not others, was speculated upon for decades. A lot of time and energy was wasted into the misguided theory that poor circulation was to blame for people that lost their hair. Somehow, the theory was that increased circulation in the scalp would help the hair follicles return to normal. Due to modern research in the area of genetics, it is now known that increasing circulation does not help. If your genetics has given you hair that is predisposed to fallout when testosterone is present, good circulation will not help you. Your hair will actually get more testosterone if you have better circulation. Think about that!

Testosterone in males is the primary contributor to hair loss that is found in most men. When produced in abundance, this hormone directly affects the hair follicles at the scalp causing hair loss. Without completely destroying the hair follicle itself, it degrades it enough to where hair loss may become a reality. The follicles subsequently will be unable to grow hair after this has happened. As of late, many products have been placed on the market that affect this hormone in a positive way. It is important that you talk to your doctor before trying any of these products. Better to be safe than sorry.

hair loss and the causes of itIn desperate situations like this, where people are searching for any possible solution, a scam is likely to arise. Over the last few years, several of these false programs promising to regrow your hair have been exposed to the general public. One such scam involved paying to have hair samples analyzed by scientific testing. The nutrient content in the hair was the end result of the testing that you paid for that the company supposedly did. This recommendation for nutritional supplementation that the company made based upon their analysis has been proven to be a fraud. Just keep in mind that taking care of hair loss or pattern baldness with surgery should take considerable thought. Quality service always comes with a higher price tag. But it all depends on your baldness characteristics and other factors. Most importantly, if you are having real concerns about hair loss, you may want to look into some of the various techniques to make things better.