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Finding the best approach for hair loss is not easy – in fact, it is a difficult road to travel. Hair loss is actually genetically based in most occasions, regardless of the gender of the person. If it is not genetics, then thinning hair can actually be the result of a medical condition. Hair will typically regrow if the medical condition causing it goes away allowing the hair to return as normal. Older women may have hair loss later in life because of menopause and diminished estrogen levels. To help you out, we wrote this article which presents many tips on hair loss prevention.

Both genders, men and women, can lose their hair at some point in their lives; women tend to lose theirs for very different reasons than men. Women that lose their hair for apparently no reason should see their physician for a diagnosis. Dermatologist are typically utilized in these situations. Female pattern hair loss – ever hear of it? This is actually a condition genetically predisposed to women. The typical trend or pattern for this type of baldness occurs on the crown of their head. In fact, this pattern is similar to what will happen to a man, however not as much hair will fall out on the sides of their head.

Many women use specialty hair care products. Some of these, unfortunately, have chemicals that may instigate hair loss. Believe it or not, the fragrances in the chemicals are what cause the hair to fall out. You can also be allergic to certain fragrances that can cause skin sensitivity in the soap that is used. Postmenopausal women are usually the ones that have been no pattern hair loss; it can happen with younger women as well. Thinning hair may be the result of one of many factors that could contribute to the hair loss you are experiencing. The process of elimination is usually a good tool to use when trying to determine what is causing your hair loss to occur.

hair loss and the causes of itThere is a lot of truth which has been presented by those that research hair loss, much of which has cleared up the urban legends that many have come to accept. Old stories like too much brushing, or shampooing, could lead to male pattern baldness have since been scientifically proven to be false. Explanations like this are false and misleading. To keep your hair healthy and clean, as well as your scalp, consistent washing must be done.

Some people will try to sell you “hair vitamins” – they say it will stop your hair from falling out. Taking vitamins is a wonderful way to stay healthy, but it will not prevent you from going bald, especially if you are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness.

Going bald is never fun! But before you try a treatment to solve this problem, ask your doctor why this is specifically happening to you. If at some point you notice that your hair is much better than before, start finding out why this is actually occurring.

It might be something as simple as a medical condition that is reversible. And as usual, learn as much as you can about your condition before doing any type of treatment.