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Have you been losing the hair on your head? Lots of people do as soon as they get to a certain age. And as soon as it happens, they wish to find a treatment. What is very important to do in this case is discover the details about a couple of things. The first thing you need to know is why the hair loss is in fact happening. Once you know this, you need to do something to remedy the situation. Before you do anything, go see your doctor and make sure your health is intact. And most importantly, if your hair loss is causing you to be stressed, you should not ignore how you feel as this can be bad for your health.

Hair loss, in most cases, is never attributed to your daily diet, something that doctors will agree with. Your diet, however, is where you will get zinc, iron, and biotin which your hair needs to grow. Even if you do not have these nutrients in your diet, it probably did not cause your hair loss. Cases of malnutrition, and also starvation, have been well documented for the last 70 years at least. These pictures reveal people that are starving, but their hair is unaffected. You need to get as many facts about hair loss as possible, and be sure you are getting information from a trusted source. For short periods of time, with some people, for a variety of reasons, hair can fall out in patches. Your job, or your life, can cause chronic amounts of stress which can lead to such hair fall out. One person I knew not to long ago had patches of hair fall out of his head due to the stress at work. Depending upon the situation, the strangest things can cause hair to fall out like this. By removing their stress, this person’s hair grew back in just a few short weeks. Although at the time he had no idea that his hair loss was due to high and chronic levels of stress. Taking a look at your life from time to time will help you understand what is really happening to you.

hair loss and the causes of itHair loss in men that appears to follow a pattern baldness appearance is almost always genetic in origin. It is a common belief that the hair loss that men have comes from their father’s side, not their mothers. Unfortunately, men that have this particular gene got it from their moms. This gene comes from what are called sex linked genes, specifically from the X or Y chromosomes in your body. Instead of being dominant, the X Chromosome is recessive and causes the male pattern baldness that we see. Men get their X chromosome from their mother, and since it is recessive it will be expressed because there is only one X chromosome in men.

Hair loss is a very traumatic event in some people’s lives, and their emotions may not be well-balanced. Anyone losing their hair must make important decisions quickly in regard to their hair loss. Unfortunately, some procedures are expensive such as hair follicle transplants. If you do chemical sprays, remember that you will have to do these for the rest of your life. The problem is harder on younger people, but there are many young men who just shave their head and move on.