Hair loss: People Don’t Wish It To Happen To Them

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Natural remedy for hair lossAlthough it’s true that many people lose hair, hair does re-grow. Losing at least one hundred strands of their hair on a regular basis is a typical thing. Everyone has a normal hair regrowth cycle that lasts between two to six years, where their hair is regularly falling out and being regrown in twelve weeks. You will find people who lose their hair but no new hair replaces them. This is taking place to many individuals nowadays, as they are experiencing a loss of their hair.

It is usually not apparent for many people until people point it out to them. If you feel that you are losing your hair, you should know that there are various kinds of hair loss. Both males and females can get androgenetic alopecia which is also known as pattern baldness. The primary cause of this type is genetics, and it is characterized by weakened strands of hair together with sluggish growth. A strong family history of pattern baldness and a person’s age will guarantee that an individual will certainly lose their hair.

A lasting type of hair loss brought on by inflammation is called cicatricial alopecia or scarring alopecia. The hair follicles become damaged as a result of scarring caused by inflammation which inhibits hair from growing. The reason for inflammation in the scalp continues to be a mystery even though a few skin problems like lichen planus and lupus erythematosus could cause scarring alopecia. One more kind of hair loss is alopecia areata and it is considered to be an autoimmune condition. While it’s also not known what causes the ailment, it is still classified as such. The folks who generally suffer from this condition are essentially healthy, but it might be caused by an autoimmune disorder like a thyroid illness. Others theorize that it could either be genetic disorder or a virus that causes the onset of alopecia areata.

hair loss and the causes of itThere is yet another type, telogen effluvium, that happens because something causes a change in the regular hair cycle. Growth of hair could stop suddenly if there is a sudden shock to the system. Typically this is due to stressful factors, like death or other distressing events, which lead people into depression. Severe physiological stress such as extreme weight gain or loss, severe illness or metabolic problems can result in abrupt hair loss.

Right now there is a hair loss that is becoming popular, and it is known as traction alopecia. This kind of hair loss is being brought on by over styling of the hair. As the hair is constantly being yanked and tugged, the roots become weaker and weaker until it is unable to grow hair again.